VBS Planning Challenge

Create your Entire VBS​ to-do list in five simple steps!

Reduce your VBS stress - get your to-do list mapped out!

Are you ready to get your VBS planned out?  And do you want to do it with the support of a group of like-minded people doing the same thing?  

Join the VBS Planning Challenge

Over the course of the next week (starting on Monday), you will receive an email each day that will walk you through the steps of organizing your VBS to-do list.  Each email will build on the previous one.  The tasks will take about 20 minutes per day, except for Wednesday and Thursday.  The bulk of the planning will happen on those days and will take a little more time.  

Imagine how your stress will be reduced by just getting all of the details floating around in your head onto paper (or another digital format).  Imagine how much money you will save when you are intentional about what you purchase for VBS.  Imagine how you will be able to delegate tasks...simply because you know what they are!

Learn how to:

Organize your To-Do list
Stay on schedule with prep work
Know what to delegate
Keep team members informed and working toward the same goal

Oh...and it's free!

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