Get well-equipped VBS volunteers without hours of meetings, no matter the size of your Vacation Bible School.

Train Volunteers on their time...with little of your time required.

Volunteer training can be so frustrating. You can't fit all that you want to teach into one meeting...

Every year, you go into your VBS training meeting confident that you're going to be able to get through your list of items to review.  And every year, you walk away disappointed and saying, "if I just had more time..."

"If I just had more time, I would train my volunteers to be more effective as they engage kids.  I would teach them how to point everyday conversations to God.  And I would share about having a follow-up mindset at VBS."

But instead, you spend your time going over schedules, building maps, major changes from last year, and cell phone policies.  Those are all good things and very important.  They make VBS happen.  But you know when you miss out on the other topics, such as effectively sharing the gospel, you are missing out on making your VBS better.

But you can't ask your volunteers to come to one more meeting.  You might have a mutiny.

Well, not really.  But how are you loving and serving your volunteers with one more meeting if there is a better way?

And that doesn't even include the people who miss your meeting.  You have to go back and train them taking more time that you don't have.

So you settle and decide there just really isn't a volunteer training solution - you can't do it all...

You do your best going into your training meeting.  Your team puts together some beautifully themed decorations to set the stage and get your volunteers excited about your carefully chosen theme.

​You might even grab some prizes for the meeting.  Just to keep things exciting.

And food.  Of course food.  Why meet if we can eat?

You invite your volunteers.  With fun postcards matching your theme (of course).  And you even set up childcare for your volunteers who have kids.  

Really, you are doing a great job of loving volunteers.  

But you just can't shake the feeling of wanting to do more.  Wanting to teach more.

Decorations to show your theme.

Refreshments to match your theme.

Cute invitations...that fit your theme.

You've got all the cute stuff when it comes to volunteer training - but where is the meat of the training?

You buckle down and work hard on your agenda for the meeting.  

You think about all the things you want to share.  All of the things that get you so excited about VBS.  You want to sell your volunteers on the opportunity that they have.  

Because you know so many opportunities and so much encouragement comes from VBS.  You want your volunteers to help you share those benefits.  But not only that, you want them to experience the blessings as well.

How can you cast your vision, share about your theme, train on the safety issues, explain how your VBS will flow, AND teach about leading kids effectively.  Oh, and think about follow-up, handling hard kids, volunteers' interpersonal interactions, and so much more.

It just gets overwhelming.  Right?

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    Your time is so limited. How do you fit all you want to share into one training meeting?
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    You just hit the essentials. But you know you can't shake the feeling of wanting to share more, wanting to teach and train more.
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    You know it would really improve the effectiveness of VBS. If only you could fully train volunteers, imagine how awesome your VBS could be.

What if you could provide extra training to your VBS volunteers...

...and it would take very little of your time?  Because, your time is so valuable.  And it would take very little of your volunteer's time.  Because their time is just as valuable as yours.

You would have volunteers confidently going into VBS because they feel fully prepared.  Your volunteers would know exactly what you expected.  Even with the extras.

Fully trained volunteers? Yes, please.

​You can set up a training system for your volunteers in less time than it will take you to generate your training meeting agenda.  And it will be automated!  Requiring just minutes of your time to check the analytics.

It is simple to set-up, simple to use, and requires no new username and password for your volunteers.

Now you can train volunteers how you want, when you want with the  - “Ultimate VBS Volunteer Training System”


This is the perfect solution for the nagging feeling of knowing you could do more for your volunteers.

The Product

In this product, you will receive videos on how to set up an automated VBS training system.  In addition, you will receive five training videos to use as you share with your volunteers.

Included are:

  • Five videos to use for training your volunteers.
  • Detailed steps to set-up an automation and methods to personalize your training sequence. 
  • Sample emails to introduce, engage, and guide volunteers as they complete this training course.
  • Assistance with troubleshooting and suggestions as needed.
  • The ability to use this year after year for future VBSs.

The Method

  • 1
    Emails to you: The details on how to set-up and operate this system will be sent directly to your email.  You will receive text and video instructions.
  • 2
    Emails to volunteers: You will set up an automated system to email training videos to volunteers.  You will be able to customize it to make it relevant to VBS at your church.
  • 3
    Set up: Set up your automated training system and be encouraged knowing that you are equipping your VBS volunteers to love kids and share the hope of Jesus with them.

See what our customers have to say about our other products:

" keep my eyes on our why: Jesus!"

"Last year, I was amid a cross country move and not “VBSing”. And now, I have been tasked again with a VBS. Here’s the thing: even when I wasn’t doing a VBS, your ministry blessed me with encouragement and ideas that I carried out in other areas of ministry and life. This email that I am replying to has touched my heart deeply and that is why I wanted to thank you. need to know that you are impacting ministries for eternity!!  I look forward to your posts and emails. You are refreshingly real. You help with organization for sure. But even more so, you keep my eyes on our why:  Jesus!"


Children's Ministry

" me an immense amount of time..."

"The VBS Planning Challenge was so helpful in forcing me to begin planning NOW for the best vbs this summer! The private Facebook group that Jen set up was a blessing and will continue to be a blessing as we keep it open. The amount of time I put in during the challenge for the week is going to save me an immense amount of time (and money) later!

I loved the introduction to the Trello program [online task management system] and love that I can look at everything at my fingertips! It's going to be great for my volunteers as well when I give them access to their area of VBS as everything they need to know is right there! Placing due dates on tasks assures me there will be no last minute late nights! I'm looking forward to our best vbs yet!"


Children's Ministry Director

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Get regular updates, sneak peaks, and content early.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.  If you are at all unsatisfied with this product within 30 days of official launch (the date from which you have full access to the program), you will receive a complete refund.  

"...someone else in the trenches."

"Loved this email. Sometimes a little perspective can go a long way!

Thank so much for doing this – it really feels like there is someone else in the trenches…"


VBS Director

"I loved this challenge!"

"I loved this challenge! Love my notebook! This is the most "ready" I've ever been in February! And thank you for the reminders to not run off and do the things...just plan it for now! Thank you so much!"


Planning Challenge Participant

But, why pre-buy a product that hasn't even been released?

First of all...MONEY SAVER.  VBS budgets are t.i.g.h.t.  

Get exclusive looks at behind-the-scenes creation of this product.  And have the freedom to help design it to best fit your needs.  

As you receive samples, you will be asked for specific feedback regarding that sample.  Your ideas will help shape and fashion the Ultimate VBS Volunteer Training System. 

Don't forget, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you aren't happy with the COMPLETED product, you have 30 days from when you received the entire system to claim your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long are the training videos?

Can I customize the content sent to my volunteers?

Can I send my own videos?

How will my volunteers receive these videos?

Is this a software?

What is an automated email sequence?

Will this replace a volunteer training meeting?

Will this work for large churches?

Will this work for small churches?

How do I know my volunteers actually watched the video?

How long will it take to set-up?

What will it cost after the product launches?

Can I use it year after year?

What are the five topics of the training videos?

When is the product expected to be released?

How does the presale process work?

Commit to train your volunteers easily and effectively.

Jump on the presale special price, Now!

"After all, attitude reflects leadership.  What kind of leadership are you going to give to the VBS volunteers in your life?”

For His Glory,

P.S.: This offer is only available for a limited time.  Don't wait to grab your reduced price Ultimate VBS Volunteer Training System.   

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