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 June 14, 2018

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How a postcard changed one family

In the busyness of fall 2014, I made the easy decision to not send out postcards to the VBS attendees.

But a few days later, my senior pastor asked me to do just that. I said yes. Maybe even a little grudgingly. I’m sure that I put the postcards together and then delegated the addressing and mailing to the church secretary. She was always so gracious to do anything like that to serve anyone on staff.

And promptly forgot the postcards. But one little quarter piece of cardstock with a few words and a picture on it landed in the hands of Eric. And Eric jumped on the opportunity. He talked to his mom about it. And she was easily convinced. She wanted her kids in a church program as much as Eric wanted to attend one.

The first Family Night rolled around and I was introduced to a blonde boy with jeans and boots.

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