Pray for VBS: 6 Ways to Pray for Kids Coming to VBS

The best games, the best skits, the best music, the best teachers, the best snacks, the best kids, the best water balloons, and the best leaders will make a pretty awesome VBS.  
But a VBS that isn’t covered by prayer has no shot at being your best VBS.
Check out the following six ways to pray for kids coming to VBS.

1.  Pray for the RIGHT kids to come

We serve a sovereign (in complete control) God.  This should be a great comfort to you (in any time…but especially at high-stress times like VBS).    God already knows each kid that will be coming to your VBS. 
So why pray about it?  
God uses prayer to draw us closer to His heart.  The right kids are already coming to your VBS.  God is making sure of that.  Praying for the right kids to come ensures that your heart is ready to receive those kids into your best VBS program.  
pray VBS 

2.  Pray for the RIGHT number of kids to come

In the same vein, praying for the right number of kids to come will cause you to recognize that God will provide for the number of kids coming.  You can be confident that God is working in and through your VBS to engage each kid that attends.

3.  Pray for the Spirit to prepare the hearts of the kids to hear the gospel

Putting your faith in Christ is not something that you can do on your own.  The Holy Spirit draws you to Himself and causes you to desire a relationship with God.  Pray for the Spirit to begin to prepare the hearts of the kids to engage the gospel.  

4.  Pray for kids specifically by name

You already know some kids coming to VBS.  Pray for kids coming to VBS specifically by name.  You know the tough kids that come to your midweek program.  They will probably be coming to VBS also.  Pray that a different setting will shed new light on the gospel in their hearts.

5.  Pray for kids who are already believers

Pray that kids who have already made a profession of faith are challenged to praise God for His great rescue plan.  Ask God to help them not be immune to their continuing need to remind themselves of the hope to which they have been called.

6.  Pray for kids who are inviting kids

Pray for the kids from your church to have the courage to engage their friends with conversations about the gospel.  It is scary to share the gospel.  Yet, we are called to do this.  Pray that kids will have the courage to talk about the gospel with their unbelieving friends.
For each Monday leading up to VBS, commit to “Pray without ceasing,” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) specifically for the kids coming to VBS using the ideas above.  
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