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Praying For Your Best VBS

Curriculum specific ideas

Underwater or water themed VBS:  Check out my Pinterest board!

There are some great and simple decorating ideas for a water themed VBS.  I love       using other people’s creative ideas and then making them my own.  I shared some thoughts and suggestions on the comments area of my pins.


Farm Theme:  Check out my Pinterest board!

There are a few ideas for a farm themed VBS with more to come!


Bible Resources

I use the YouVersion app on my phone almost daily.  I love having a Bible always at my fingertips.  I frequently read the passage of scripture that I’m studying in different translations.

My favorites are the

  • English Standard Version (ESV)
  • New American Standard Bible (NASB)
  • Holman Christan Standard Bible (HCSB)
  • New International reader’s Version (NIrV) – I often refer to this version when working with kids

You can download the app here for all types of users (Apple, android, and more).


When I need to dig a little deeper into God’s word, I use the Blue Letter Bible app.  It is not as user-friendly as the YouVersion app, however, it has many more study options.  You can get cross-references, commentaries, sermons, and many other resources as well.  I frequently use this if I need to dig into cross-references.  Click here to get the Blue Letter Bible App for iPhone users and here for android users.



Books and Such

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones is one of my favorite books (probably ever).  We use it frequently as a family and it has shaped a lot of the language that I use when talking about the gospel with kids…which you will be doing at VBS!  It is also a great resource to look for Christ-connections in the Old Testament.  You can view and purchase it here (not an affiliate link).


Show Them Jesus by Jack Klumpenhower has changed the way that I view kids minstry and VBS.  It puts a laser focus on teaching the gospel to kids of all ages.  It is full of practical ministry advice.  This is a great resource for someone wanting to develop their teaching abilities in a gospel centered way.  You can view and purchase it here (not an affiliate link).