Determine your VBS purpose…the fun way!

Feeling scattered when it comes to VBS planning?  Don’t know where to start?  Do you find yourself wanting to do all the different options that your curriculum offers?


OR –


Do you look at your VBS plans and just don’t know what to do next?  Do you start this project and then jump to the next project?  Oh and then over here to a third idea?  And by the time VBS rolls around, you have spent so many more hours…days probably…planning than what you needed to put on a quality program.


By putting one small filter in place, you can avoid so many of these frustrations.  And save yourself loads of time.  AND improve the quality of your VBS all at the same time!


What is this simple step you ask?


Define your purpose.


Yeah, yeah.  All the books talk about a mission and a vision.  And core values.  And who has time for those?  But really.  Who has time to not have a purpose for their program?


Think about it.  A purpose helps you filter out what is best for your program.  A purpose helps you define what you should do next.  A purpose gives meaning to your planning.  And a purpose is something that volunteers can stand behind and own.  And those are just a few benefits to having a purpose for VBS!

I would venture a guess to say that your church has a mission statement.  I would even guess that your kids’ ministry has a clear statement that defines why you do what you do.  But have you ever stopped long enough to give your VBS a purpose?


Want a fun and easy way to think through your purpose?


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Nothing scientific…but enough to make you think through a possible purpose for your VBS!



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