The Ultimate 2020 VBS Curriculum Guide

Choosing a VBS theme for the summer and implementing all the planning that comes with it can be stressful. Get a quick overview of the VBS themes for 2020 so you can decide which one is right for your church.

VBS Themes for 2020

Here is an overview of some of the top VBS themes available this year. With so many fun and creative themes, you can’t go wrong choosing one!

Group — Rocky Railway

Climb aboard the Rocky Railway this Summer as you take kids on an adventure they’ll never forget! Your church will be transformed into a busy train station, full of vibrant colors and high-energy fun as students learn the core message that Jesus pulls us through life’s ups and downs.

Kids rotate through different stations including:

  • Loco-motion Games
  • Sing and Play Express
  • Bible Adventures
  • Imagination Station
  • Kidvid Cinema
  • Chew Chew Snacks
  • Rocky Wrap Up

There’s also a Little Kids Depot for the youngest passengers in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Check out an introduction video to this full steam ahead 2020 VBS curriculum. Video taken from Groups Youtube channel.

Lifeway – Concrete and Cranes

You’ll build a faith in attendees at Concrete and Cranes VBS this year! As kids explore the world of bulldozers and hard hats, they’ll learn the message of Philipians 1:6, that He who began a good work will be faithful to carry it onto completion.

Each day kids will sing songs, play games, and learn important bible truths as they learn to build a life on the love of Jesus. 

Transform your church into a construction zone that will take kids through:

  • High Steel Worship Rally
  • Blueprint Bible Study
  • Jackhammer Music
  • Excavator Missions
  • Bulldozer Crafts
  • Wrecking Ball Rec
  • Food Truck Snacks 
Put on your hard hat, load up your tool belt, and get that concrete mixing for this Concrete and Cranes Curriculum introduction video. Video from Concordia Supply Youtube channel.

Orange – Focus

Jump into the fun of FOCUS! Where kids will learn to trust in what they can’t see and dive deeper into their faith. The bible verse for Focus is Hebrews 12:2 “Let us keep looking to Jesus. He is the one who started this journey of faith. And he is the one who completes the journey of faith.”

Preschoolers through preteens will rotate through the different stations as they learn to focus on God and His amazing plan! Stations include:

  • Small group
  • Games
  • Snacks
  • Music
  • Mission
Focus VBS 2020 Curriculum brought to life in above video. Video from Concordia Supply Youtube channel.

Answers In Genesis – Mystery Island

God can be one big mystery to people of all ages. In this VBS theme, kids will be taken to a tropical paradise as we search for answers about who God is and discover the truth about our creator!

Kids will rotate through these various stations to find out more about the awe-inspiring nature of God:

  • Lighthouse Lessons
  • Ride the Tide Games
  • Tropical Treats
  • Deep Sea Science and Crafts

At the end of the day everyone heads back to Islander Assembly for a Creature Feature, songs, contest winners, and a daily drama.

Explore and enjoy an explanation of Mystery Island 2020 VBS Curriculum. Video taken from Answers VBS Youtube Channel.

Find here a live video of Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis unboxing the Mystery Island VBS starter kit. The Answers in Genesis Youtube Channel is a great resource as you start to implement your VBS Mystery Island plan.

Cokesbury – Knights of the North Castle

Kids will experience VBS and God like never before with the Knights of the North Castle VBS Theme. Knights of the North Castle invites children to put on the armor of God as they explore Bible characters from the Old and New Testament. Your church will be transformed into a majestic castle hidden in a frozen land.

Perfect for large or small congregations. This theme will take children to new kingdoms with God!

Explore what your VBS attendees will get to discover as you implement the Knights of the North Castle VBS Curriculum. Video taken from Cokesbury VBS Youtube Channel.

Concordia – Rainforest Explorers

The rainforest is full of unknown creatures and mysterious noises. It’s easy to get lost or scared in this mysterious world, but that’s where Jesus comes in!

Jesus leads the way through Rainforest Explorers VBS Theme by CPH. With Jesus as our guide, there’s no way we can go wrong in the wild—and in life! With high-energy music and colorful decor, this theme is fun for kids of all ages.

Help your VBS kids explore the rainforest, but more importantly the love of God as you learn about this 2020 VBS option. Video taken from the Christian Book Distributors Youtube Channel.

Regular Baptist Press – Big Fish Bay

Jump in to the Big Fish Bay as kids follow the life and journey of Jonah and the whale. This nautical theme is full of tall ships, sea creatures, lighthouses, and fishing on the pier. Students will hear about a merciful and compassionate God as they explore various docks completing crafts, music, lessons, and games.

A very thorough review of this VBS Curriculum and how it can be used to point kids to Christ. Video taken from Ministry to Children’s Youtube Channel.

Where to buy VBS curriculum?

Gear up for VBS with all the supplies you need. Here are some of the best places to purchase your VBS curriculum.

Christian Book Distributors

Christian Book Distributors
is a one-stop shop for all your VBS curriculum needs. Their handy comparison chart shows you the different offerings and prices in each VBS curriculum so you can make the best decision for your church.


  • Trusted: With a proven company, they are a trusted retailer and easy to use company
  • Free shipping: Get free shipping on VBS starter kits
  • Discounts: You can save 10% on starter kits
  • Big savings: You can save more percentage on supplies
  • Easy returns: Return unused supplies by September 30 of the current VBS year so you don’t stress about overspending
  • Tips and Ideas: Their website if full of helpful resources to help you implement the amazing VBS themes


Our favorite online retailer has everything you need to run a smooth VBS program. Make shopping easy by ordering everything you need from one place! Pack contest prizes, snacks, craft supplies, and more in your online shopping cart for a true one-stop-shop experience.


  • Easy to use: Most people are already familiar with their website
  • Convenient: You can do it without ever leaving your house
  • Fast shipping: Many items will arrive in two days or even overnight
  • Free shipping (Prime members get free shipping on thousands of items. Non-prime members get free shipping after meeting the threshold shipping of $35)
  • Last-minute lifesaver: If you need VBS supplies quickly, go with Amazon


Concordia prides itself on being a VBS headquarters for supplies, ideas, and information. Their website is packed with helpful things like how to set up a VBS website, getting custom VBS banners, ordering custom VBS shirts, and more.

Their free Kickstarter worksheet and budget planner are just a few of the free resources offered online.


  • Can request a free resource guide: They offer a free VBS guide to anyone who signs up
  • Free shipping over $49: All orders that reach the minimum will ship for free
  • Return unused supplies: No need to stress about ordering too much! You can return any unused supplies 
  • Direct from publisher: Satisfaction guaranteed and expert advice you can trust
  • Sometimes offer publisher exclusive goodie: They may offer incentives when ordering from them
  • Pay after VBS: Eligible churches can be invoiced post program.

Enjoy choosing your VBS theme for 2020 and transforming your church into a world where kids come to know Jesus!

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